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A Dog / A Friend / A Mascot For A Brand

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

If you've ever visited F8 Sportscars in the last 7 years, chances are you know Maggie. The Whippet that looks more like a lab mix than anything as she's aged. For years, she's been a fixture at F1 Motorsports and today, as an F8 dog.

Today, Maggie is an enthusiastic love machine as you walk into F8. She loves attention and she typically gets what she wants unless the client is less than enthused or there are religious requirements and we just put her away for a bit. Mostly though, people love her and appreciate her presence. I'm a "take my dog to work" kinda guy but overall, I know people love to see her so it's win win.

She was born a lover, lets take you back a bit....

Nearly 17 years best we can figure. Finding this little sweetheart in the parking lot of a humane society in New Buffalo Mi on a random Saturday 13 years ago was life changing for me. I never could imagine a thought about my supercar business and how she would contribute to it in the future, that would come much later.

I've always had dogs growing up but this was my first dog that was completely my responsibility and I took it on like I gave birth to her myself.

She's seen x girlfriends come and go. One stalker, two that tried to simply steal her away, one that claimed she ran away but was just in her car, one that tried telling me god said she was meant to be with her, not me and an x wife I was sure was going to ask for custody and a lot of housing changes. She's been my travel companion as dogs often are and for lack of a better and more masculine phrase, my snuggle buddy when I used to allow her on the bed when it was otherwise empty on one side. She's been the definition of a best friend through the most trying times of my life and to this day, still looks at me with puppy dog eyes I can never ignore. She's been with me through the most significant times of my life so it's very important she spends every day with me through what is my most important era of life thus far, my time building F8 Sportscars.

Today, she's an icon at F8. So many people know her and they often have treats in hand when dropping off their car for service. Even our UPS and Snapon Tool guys make sure to take care of Maggie. They expect to see her, she's always been there. She was there far before the business was a thing and she's been here through all of it to date. There are of course a few downfalls to being my dog. Extreme stress levels being the most significant. I'm sure she feels it all but according to her vet, she's doing exceptionally well... Maybe she just handles it better than me. One of the best benefits in my opinion is that she's possibly the dog with the most photographs with her and supercars..

She's got hundreds like this and I have to say, she's in her element.

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