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Now at F8 we are offering a customer request. We found there is no better big tool available for a shop than a well sized table that can not only roll around at will but also deal with the abuse a shop like ours requires with 1500 pounds on it. We designed a table that can fulfill this requirement. It's simple but it's great and is the one pictured with the Ferrari transaxle on it. The one pictured is not for sale however, any orders are made per your requirements at the time of the order. 


For the price listed we'll build you the table pictured including the removable oak shelf that can support up to 300 pounds and casters that can handle 1400 pounds combined. The completed product comes painted as seen with blended welds and etched and coated steel top. The dimensions for the table listed are as follows: 30x24x25 or 30.5 inches total hight to the deck with casters. these are made with 2" square tube with a supporting section on the center of the top deck. The top is 1/8" steel plate. On the axample listed there are ground lugs installed for Mig or TIg welding use.


Additional sizes, finishes or designes are available at an additional cost.

2000 Pound Capable Work Table - Custom Built To Order

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