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The future of F8 Sportscars

When I look at what F8 has been over the last decade compared to where I see it in 5 or 10 years I have to admit, things are not the same. It's been an amazing decade in so many ways, I've had a lot of success over the years but I have much different plans for the distant future learned primarily from failures of the past.

F8 Sportscars suffered a pretty big blow with the collapse of the US economy aided by the already low support for skilled trade workers like mechanics. In recent years, mechanics and other skilled trades positions have been at the bottom of the barrel of importance according to the current government and that, among other factors have affected the workforce. There is far less available skilled mechanics than I've ever seen in my 26 years in this business. People like Mike Rowe at the Mike Rowe Works Foundation have been trying to curve this negative shift for years and he's winning. Helping young people see skilled trades as a profitable and fulfilling future over the fallacy that a 4 year school and a $100,00 loan is their only hope of success. If you're interested in helping him and small businesses like mine, I urge you to visit his website to see how you can help. 

Currently, F8 is operating at a limited capacity but we have plans to hire the first highly skilled technician that comes our way. And then the next one. And probably the next one but we will not settle for anything but the best. This company was built on doing the best work for the most discerning clients and that is not something I'm willing to sacrifice on. I expect F8 to be in a position by mid 2024 that will make the majority of our clientele happy. I have a survey planned that I will post on this website and I may do a mass email to all of our clients about some nuisances I'd like some opinions on so keep on the lookout for that. 


I love you all and I have to thank all of you that have given me so much support recently. You are what F8 was built for.


As always, 

I'll see you around the next turn,






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Our Name Change

We Are Hiring!!!

Hiring Poster 2 Final copy.jpg

We are looking to add an experienced automotive technician to our team! If you have a passion for high end vehicles, a desire to learn, and want to better your experience as an automotive technician…. Send us an email!!!

5+ years of automotive experience
Experience with high end or exotic cars preferred
Michigan Certification Required
ASE Certification Preferred


$40+ depending on experience, qualifications, and other factors. 

Monotary Changes

Per customer suggestion, we have decided to make some changes to better reflect the type and quality of work we put out. These changes will be both in our labor rate and in our policy as it relates to vehicle storage.

As of this writing, our labor rate will be divided into two categories, standard and high end. Our standard rate will be $150/labor hour and will include the normal vehicles we service such as BMW's, Mercedes, most Porsche's etc. The high end vehicle rate will be $220/labor hour and will of course include exotics but also some "standard" vehicles that have been heavily modified or are otherwise custom. Determination of labor class will be noted at time of estimate. 

Also, vehicles that are complete or are waiting for work approval or deposits will incur a storage fee of $30/day with a grace period of no more than 2 days after contact. 

These changes begin 10/1/22 and do not include estimates already signed up to this date. 

As most of you know, F1 Motorsports was built on a true love and passion for high end, exotic and rare cars and an admiration and respect for the people that own them. For more than 4 years, it has stood for the pursuit of perfection in automotive service and an example of how we feel the client-car-shop relationship should be. "F1 Motorsports" is not just a name but an image of what people expect from us as a shop and what us and our clients have built together piece by piece over the years. Lately that name has attracted the attention from none other than Formula One Racing. About 6 months ago we received what is called a "cease and desist" letter from their attorneys citing assumptions we are infringing on their copyright. Although our logo and name was not derived from Formula One Racing and we feel there is no resemblance to the logo, they suggest it's close enough that we should change it. After many conversations, we've agreed to their request and have established a deal that will satisfy both parties.

This visual name change will be effective immediately as of this posting and the integration of our new name both legally and in branding will be done in the upcoming months so please bear with us as we attempt to get used to not saying F1 Motorsports as we've said it thousands of times over the years.
Our new name will be "F8 SportsCars". The F will be carried over from the old logo but that's the only resemblance. As the majority of vehicles we service are sports cars, we feel it's a fitting moniker.

I want to personally assure you the name change, although legally necessary is only a stepping stone to build an even better, stronger company. I personally intend to use this opportunity to not only transfer the excellent image F1 Motorsports has acquired over the years but to expand and build F8 Sportscars into a business as awesome as the cars we service. Look forward to more programs and incentives for our clients, more racing sponsorships, track events and many other things. This is certainly not a negative for us but a step in the right direction as a company and I couldn't be more excited to rebrand with that in mind.

In the meantime, it's business as usual and I thank you for your patience as we go through this process. I look forward to seeing you around the next turn.


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